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Building a Portfolio for 3D Designers, Freelancers & Artists

3D design skills are fast becoming a necessary commodity for businesses of all types. With ever-increasing demand for visual effects artists in the film, TV and commercial industries, technically-savvy 3D industrial designers and more, there is no limit to the number of ways that a 3D creator can make themselves essential to almost any industry.

In fact, with the rise of software solutions making photoreal, 3D assets are easier and faster than ever to create. This is driving the creation cost down while demand continues to rise.

BRIO helps 3D creators stand out from the pack with a powerful feature set that helps 3D designers and artists present their portfolios in exciting and unique ways. BRIO also helps on the content creation side by helping to keep the costs down for creators so that they can focus on end results.

Convert your Cad models into Brio

Portfolio Presentation

In design and animation school, artists are often told to create websites-based portfolios or reels to showcase their work. WordPress sites, Behance, Artstation and others are commonly used for this purpose.

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Unfortunately, this means that all of the intricate, technical detail that goes into modelling or animating a 3D object is ‘flattened’ into a 2D photo or video for presentation to the employer, client or viewer.

BRIO makes the process of sharing your portfolio simple and reliable. This web-based platform was developed by creators, for creators, specifically to provide an easy solution for artists.



Why 3D Designers, Freelancers & Artists Choose BRIO

  • No apps, downloads, installs, specialized software or hardware required
  • Easy to share content with a single link
  • Embed content on your personal website or social media
  • Instant in-scene rendering (ultra render)
  • Supports photoreal quality with features such as ray-tracing

How it Works

  • Convert your 3D model(s) to .FBX or .OBJ, .GLB or .DAE file formats
  • Drag and drop (or upload) it in to the BRIO builder
  • Use the BRIO editing toolset to add animations, materials, textures and more (optional)
  • Add audio, video or photos to your ‘scene’ (optional)
  • Publish

Brio will then generate a unique URL link to your scene, which you can copy and paste to share it with your followers, colleagues, clients or employers.

You can also publish and share securely by password protecting your scene.

BRIO Sharing Capabilities

Users can share the link to their scene(s) the same way they would share a link to anything else on the web – via email, SMS or on social media. When the viewer clicks on the link, it will open on any device with an internet connection (desktop, phone or tablet)

Viewers can not only view the whole 3D model (with or without animation), they can interact with it. The recipient can spin it around, zoom in on fine details, or interact with any triggers or behaviours that the creator added (optional).

Best of all, BRIO scenes can be shared or embedded on social media feeds or websites.

Embed on social media or on your website using the URL link, which will populate like an iframe. This means that if you share your BRIO scene on your website or e-commerce page, users never have to leave your site to be able to view, interact or play with your 3D model.

Like a Vimeo or Youtube link, you can also embed on your social media feed. Your followers and friends can view your interactive BRIO scene without ever leaving your page.

This is ideal for 3D designers, Freelancers and artists who are trying to build their Linkedin presence and stand out to recruiters or clients.

Learn more and get started by signing up for free today.

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