warner Music Case Study


Warner Music was looking to create an engaging virtual experience for fans of the musician CARYS for her song “Princesses Don’t Cry” . 

The experience needed to be:

  • Easy to share on social media to reach her fans and followers
  • Easy to use since many users may never have used AR before
  • Global since she has fans on every continent

As a solution, the BRIOXR web platform was selected to deliver the unique AR experience to audiences worldwide.


Step 1: 3D Scanning and Clean up

To scan CARYS, BRIOXR used SpinVFX’s 3D scanning rig, complete with 144 DSLR cameras. The rig is mobile, and is typically used for on-set scanning for film and TV shoots, such as The Umbrella Academy.

For this project, CARYS was captured in a single 3D scan. Additionally, the scanning team captured every pose of the dance for reference. Changing facial expressions are part of the dance too, so close up photos of her face were also taken.

To ensure that the CARYS avatar would run smoothly in augmented reality,  BRIOXR cleaned up and remodeled the scans so that they were both friendly for animation, and would perform well in AR.

Step 2: Texture

The advantage of photogrammetry is that once the photos have been aligned in 3D space, you can import your clean, UV’d model back into that space, and reapply the photos for a beautiful look in no time.

For CARYS, the BRIOXR team imported the clean model back into RealityCapture software and projected the photos back into the model.

Step 3: Motion Capture for Animation

While the CARYS model was being prepared, she was invited to the SpinVFX studio to perform the dance in their strap-based motion capture suit. In order to accurately recreate her, her movements needed to be captured very precisely. The motion would later be imported into BRIOXR for playback.

The capture system is camera-less , but witness cameras were set up to record her from two different angles while she performed several ‘takes’. This reference material was critical to ensuring accuracy in not only the major joints, but the smaller appendages too (i.e. fingers, etc.).


Step 4: Rigging and Animation

With the model and Motion capture complete, a rig was created with a simplified set of controls. Careful attention was spent to balance the deformation of the joints so that movement was anatomically correct while playing back on the AR device.

When the CARYS rig was ready, there was an opportunity to perfect the motion capture data in the animation stage using Maya. Adding subtle finger, head and shoulder movements, made her appear more realistic and life-like. Care was also taken to not make CARYS look too life-like, as there were concerns about the avatar looking too real from the Warner Music team.

The final model, skeleton and animation were then exported in an .FBX file format for BRIOXR


Step 5: Final Touches

Within BRIOXR the team added lights and materials, and set up custom branding for the experience.

Lighting is essential for sculpting and defining objects, materials and textures. In all 3D visualization, great lighting is essential. Hard and soft shadows and casting dramatically affect how realistic the final result will be. BRIOXR’s image based lights quickly add highly realistic environmental lighting. 

Image-based lights use the information stored in High Dynamic Range images (HDRI) to create realistic atmospheric lighting in your scene. BRIOXR’s selection includes studio HDRIs, which simulate photography studio lighting; as well as sky lights, which reflect different indoor and outdoor settings. 

BRIOXR has a library of beautiful, ready-to-use materials to add to any scene. BRIOXR material shaders allow for easy editing of surface finish of material for color, difffuse, texture bumps and dents, roughness, metalness as well as double-sided materials are visible from both sides of a polygon.

Step 6: Publishing

Voilà! A unique URL that runs equally on iOS and Android is created by BRIOXR. BRIO’s links can be shared anywhere online that links can be distributed, including all social media platforms. It can also be embedded as an i-frame on websites.

As AR is for mobile and tablet devices only, for desktop users a unique QR code will appear for them to scan to launch the AR experience.



Scan the QR code with or (Click here for CARYS AR experience)

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