The Key to fun: Create Animated Characters in Augmented Reality With BRIO

Using a screen to play a game or learn something isn’t only one-dimensional anymore. With augmented reality, you can experience digital worlds in a new way. Augmented reality has revolutionized the way people interact with the physical environment around them. It offers great visualization and interactivity experiences to open up many possibilities for individuals and businesses. Augmented Reality generates up to 5 mins of engagement on average compared to video and other traditional forms of media – one of the many reasons to use Augmented Reality!

People often think that one should be a 3D expert or an AR developer to create animated characters. The truth is “No”. With BRIO, anyone can create Augmented Reality – with no coding skills required! Creating Augmented Reality projects isn’t as difficult as you may expect. 

I, a person without any 3D or development expertise, created a Halloween themed AR character in BRIO with ease. I would love to share my experience of how I made this in BRIO.

You can animate assets — be that images or 3D models — in a number of ways. You can make them move across the canvas, rotate, fade in, fade out, bounce, and change in scale or opacity. If you are curious about it, here’s all you have to do to make an animated AR charachter:


Find a 3D model and textures

You can easily find 3D assets online. There are many sites that offer high-quality 3D models: www.sketchfab.com | www.turbosquid.com | www.poly.google.com | www.free3d.com | www.cgtrader.com | www.gumroad.com |

I used a model from Turbosquid. If you are lucky, you can even find assets that are free and cost $0.

Once you find the model that suits your project, just download it. One thing you should be aware of is the file format. BRIO supports fbx and obj file formats. If the assets you would like are not available in these formats, you can download a Max or Maya file. After downloading, upload your model 3DS Max or Maya to convert it to fbx. These softwares offer free trials. You can convert them by simply saving them in fbx format like you can save a word file in PDF in the format.


Find an animation

Now that your 3D model is read, you need to find character animations. Mixamo provides some cool character animations for free. Go to Mixamo and find an animation you like. Upload your model in Mixamo to see how the animation will look like on your character model. After you decide which animation you would go with, download the animation. It will give an option to download in fbx format with the selected animation attached to your model. Now you have everything ready for BRIO.


Upload assets in BRIO

It’s time for BRIO to shine. Just upload your animated file from Mixamo in BRIO. Simply drag and drop your file, and BRIO will ask you if you’d like it to auto-play. Say yes, then add textures to the model. (Tip: Your 3D model should have an unwrapped UV otherwise, your model won’t show textures properly in AR on iOS devices.)

Then click on your object file in the Object list in BRIO, go to the Behaviour tab on the right-side panel. You will see your animation is already configured under the Behaviour tab. If you want your animation to loop, check the box “Loop”. It’s also possible to adjust your animation speed in the Behaviour tab.

Publish your scene

Now you just have to publish your scene. Click on the Publish button and set up the publish option as you like. To find out more about the publishing options check out this Help Article.

Share with your friends

After you publish the scene, BRIO will give you a link that you can share with your friends or through your social media.

Now you are all set! Making an AR project is not difficult or something that costs a lot of money. Although you are not a 3D expert or AR app developer if you can easily make one using BRIO. As I said in the beginning, it’s only 5 simple steps and all you have to do is find the right model and animation you have in your mind. Let BRIO handle all the rest for you. 

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