Enhancing your Shopify Store with 3D, AR & VR

Shopify has made great advancements by offering an enhanced virtual shopping experience by allowing 3D, AR & VR content in their shops. With the recent announcement that Walmart will be expanding its third-party marketplace site, there will be a renewed opportunity for a surge in augmented reality ecommerce content.

Unfortunately, the major inhibitor to this opportunity is cost. Currently, sellers are required to hire a “Shopify Expert” (read: 3D Modeller) and supply them with product images using specific camera lenses, and several other complicated steps just to add a single object to their shop.

Lots of sellers want to enhance their online store by offering 3D and AR shopping, but the eye-watering costs of “Shopify Experts” – often costing hundreds per project – is unattainable.

So how do you make your Shopify store stand out, when giants like Walmart are joining your platform? Boost your Shopify shop yourself by adding easy-to-create 3D & AR content using BRIO.


Benefits of BRIO for 3D & Augmented Reality Online Shopping

 The benefits of AR in ecommerce cannot be overstated for both buyers and sellers alike. For sellers, BRIO offers enormous value:

  Get to Market Fast: Simply upload your product design and publish it in BRIO to be 3D and AR-ready. Save time by completing the publish yourself, rather than waiting on an external vendor

  Security: Never risk sharing your product design with an outside vendor

  Higher Engagement: Get minutes of engagement per item, rather than just the seconds that you can expect in traditional 2D e-commerce shops

  Reduce Returns: Shoppers are less likely to return an item that they get to experience or ‘test’ prior to purchasing – this is why Shopify promises that sellers can “increase buyer confidence” by offering 3D & AR on their platform

  Live Updates at No Extra Cost: “Shopify Experts” charge on a per project basis. Fortunately, with a BRIO subscription, you can change, edit, update or remove anything, at any time, all on your own. BRIO 3D and AR content is live, meaning that when you publish a change, your e-commerce shoppers will see it instantly

  Use BRIO AR & 3D Product Content on Any Platform: BRIO is cross-platform compatible. This means that when you create an AR or 3D scene for your product, you can embed it on other websites, share it on social media, and add it to your other online shops – all in addition to adding it to your Shopify shop. No other AR/3D platform offers this flexibility online

 Unlike 3D and AR products offered by “Shopify Experts”, BRIO allows you to add a wide variety of features to your object to enhance the shopping experience for your buyers, including: 

  Photoreal: Lighting, shading and other built-in editing features allow you to publish and present your products accurately so that your buyers know exactly what to expect

  Animation: Demonstrate how your product moves, opens and closes and more by adding animation

  Interactivity: Encourage your audience to interact with your products by adding clickable components – perfect for experiential marketing in your retail store

  Product Configuration: You can now add product options to your 3D e-commerce experience – allow customers to select colours, materials, and other product options all in one single scene – no need to create multiple 3D products for each product option


You can also add AR avatars to ‘model’ your products for additional context. Here’s how a life-size AR avatar gives scale to this Tiffany & Co. handbag.


How To Create a 3D and AR Shopify Shop with BRIO

First, you will need to create a 3D model of your product.

  If you already have a 3D model (i.e. a CAD file), simply export it as either an .FBX or an .OBJ file before uploading it to BRIO. 3D models from any design software can work in BRIO as long as they are in the appropriate file type. Once it’s ready, follow the instructions here to upload it

  If you do not have a 3D model, you can easily create one by scanning your object. There are many free apps available that make this possible using just your smartphone. This article has a great step-by-step explanation about how to do this

Once your object is ready and you’ve uploaded it to BRIO, you can edit it, add animations, create your configurator, and more inside of the BRIO builder.

When ready, you can publish your scene to get it ready for posting on your Shopify site. The steps to do this can be found here. When complete, shoppers will be able to view your 3D and AR shop content using iOS or Android mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets. 

Drive more sales with BRIO AR and BRIO 3D! Sign up for free today to try it, and then select the affordable subscription plan that is right for your business here.

For tips, tutorials and to ask a question, please visit our Learning Page.


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