AR & VR for Industrial 3D Design

Save Time and Money with Virtual & Augmented Reality


BRIO VR/AR for your Business

Complete the design process and review at life-size scale in minutes

No app downloads required to use your smartphone or tablet to review your design concept at full scale right at your desk.

Avoid manufacturing delays and prototype digitally

Iterate and perfect your design on your own or with your team. BRIO lets you turn your augmented or virtual reality design concept into a reality faster, and for less money than the traditional design process.

3D Designer-friendly: no coding or programming required

BRIO empowers designers to let their creativity lead. Focus on end results and get to market faster with VR and AR for industrial design.

Why designers are choosing BRIO VR & AR​

Compatible with file types from all major design software

Photoreal quality with features such as Ultrarender, raytracing & more

Secure sharing of production-ready assets

Optimize the Industrial Design Prototyping Workflow with AR & VR

BRIO was created to streamline the modern industrial design process using augmented reality and virtual reality. BRIO leverages AR and VR for industrial designers to empower them to create, iterate, review and complete professional-grade models in minutes, rather than days.
Traditional 3D industrial design and prototyping is fragmented. BRIO helps designers, manufacturers, marketers and e-commerce sellers all speak the same language by creating shareable, photoreal, manufacturing and e-commerce ready digital assets.

From Design to eCommerce with 3D, AR & VR

BRIO supports digital content from your preferred industrial design software, and generates a single URL to a visual scene that can be shared on the web. Combine 3D models with textures, animation, and more into a single that can be accessed from anywhere.


Key Features


In-scene Comments​

So that your design team can make notes and leave feedback inside of your BRIO scene during review



Raytracing, ultrarender, and more for the highest image quality


Product Configuration​

Add customization options (colours, materials, etc.)

How It Works

Import models,
images, video & audio

Edit and add interactions and animation

Publish & share on your website or social media

Start Right Now

Try BRIO for free, no credit card required. Bring your creative ideas to life. No app downloads or coding skills needed!

Industrial FAQs

BRIO AR & VR saves time and money at every step of the industrial design process, from manufacturing to marketing and e-commerce. Each step of the traditional industrial design process is costly, and often requires weeks of waiting and re-designing before a final product is reached. In a mass-marketing setting, this results in millions of dollars worth of annual spending.

BRIO allows designers to create, and then review photoreal, digital prototypes right at their desks at true scale in AR or VR. No more waiting for the physical product to ship from a factory overseas before you can finally evaluate it.

With features like animation, product configuration and interactivity, designers can design products and present products with their full functionality displayed using BRIO. Allow the viewer to actually experience the functionality right on their screens.

BRIO is a web-based platform, meaning that you can access your account from anywhere, on any device, as long as you are connected to the internet. This is ideal for remote 3D design teams and freelancers, who can design and instantly share their 3D designs to their clients using the unique URL that BRIO generates for each scene.

There are no downloads, installs or app-installs required to create or view a BRIO scene.

No – BRIO is the presentation platform on which you can present your designs. You would first have to complete your model or concept in your preferred design software, and then export it as an FBX or OBJ file before uploading it to BRIO.

For more information on how to do this, please visit our tutorials page.