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BRIO VR/AR for your Business

Let customers experience your product in their homes or offices

Customers can access 3D, AR and VR by BRIO on smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and any major VR headset.

Easy to create and post on your website, online store or social media​​

BRIO will automatically generate a unique link that can be shared online, or can be embedded on any web page.

Build engagement & drive more sales with experiential marketing​

Reduce return rate and increase buyer confidence online. Already have an online shop? BRIO integrates seamlessly – learn how!

Why Customers Love BRIO Experiential Retail​​

No app installs, downloads or sign ups

Lets buyers test products then click to buy

3D, AR & VR shopping anywhere.     

What is Experiential Retail?

Experiential retail refers to shopping practices where buyers can touch, interact with, or test the product before purchasing. This encourages greater buyer confidence and reduces return rates.

However, that means that e-commerce shoppers are usually unable to enjoy experiential retail since the traditional virtual shopping experience relies on just using 2D product photos.

Only an immersive retail experience can provide true experiential marketing. Augmented reality ecommerce, virtual reality retail, and 3D shopping experiences are the best options for providing this type of retail online.

BRIO offers a host of mixed reality shopping capabilities.

Key Features


In-scene Linking​

Allows you to insert a ‘buy now’ link to drive customers directly to purchase page​


Product Configuration​

Add customization options (colours, materials, etc.)


Embed on Websites or Social Media​

Create interactive advertisements and marketing content​

How It Works

Import models,
images, video & audio

Edit and add interactions and animation

Publish & share on your website or social media

Start Right Now

Try BRIO for free, no credit card required. Bring your creative ideas to life. No app downloads or coding skills needed!

eCommerce FAQs​

1. Sign up for a subscription
2. Start creating a new scene
3. Drag and drop (or upload) your digital product. This can be a digital model that you made in a design software or from a scan.
4. Add any animations or triggers using the BRIO editing tools (optional)
5. Publish your scene
6. Copy and paste the link to share or embed it anywhere on the web

More questions? Check out our help page for more information such as:
How to embed published projects to your Shopify store
How do I embed a scene on my website?

1. Open your BRIO scene on the builder or create a new scene
2. Export – Publish your scene
3. After publishing, HTML code of an iframe is available for you to copy.
4. You can embed this iframe code in your website, store or blog.
5. We add some basic styles and height and width. You can change those values and you can also style this iframe to match your site using CSS.

When you are creating your scene, add a ‘link behavior’, which allows you to insert a hyperlink directly to another web page. By doing this, you can direct your customers straight to your purchase page so that once they’ve enjoyed the product in 3D, VR or AR, they can proceed to buy.

While e-commerce continues to be a popular shopping method, experiential marketing in retail has typically been reserved for brick and mortar shops. BRIO 3D, VR and AR gives you an edge outside of the store.

Unlike a VR shopping experience, augmented reality (AR) is not ‘immersive retail’. Augmented reality allows phone or tablet users to open the experience in camera, and look at the 3D object in their real environment. The advantages of augmented reality in e-commerce include being able to see objects at real scale, and ‘test’ them to see how they fit in the environment.

Augmented reality online shopping is simple with BRIO, because businesses can easily create, publish and post their products on their website or social media. Learn how!

Virtual reality is a way of viewing content in a fully immersed environment. It requires users to wear a VR headset to block out the real environment and light around them so that they can view a digitally created environment. VR allows users 360 degrees of viewing, and often has the ability to ‘teleport’ users around the scene so that they can explore.

Because BRIO is a web-based platform, users can create VR scenes and publish them so that they are live on the web for anyone to enjoy. This means that sellers or businesses can create and launch a VR store online that users can connect to with just a link, and then view with a VR headset. Learn how here (hyperlink)

Virtual reality is the best form of immersive technology in retail because it uses VR headsets (hyperlink) to create a complete digital retail environment. VR experiential retail can go beyond just shopping. Immersive experience in retail strategies could include visualizing virtual storefront examples, or planning in-store installations for businesses.

BRIO supports all major headsets, and makes it simple to create an experience that can be viewed in VR, AR and 3D.

Unlike AR VR shopping, users can enjoy 3D shopping on a desktop or laptop computer, in addition to phones and tablets. A 3D scene can be viewed on ANY device, and creators can add even more to a 3D scene, such as audio and video, in addition to the 3D object. 3D scenes also allow unlimited interactivity.

3D shopping using this method does not provide an immersive experience in retail, but it does make it easy to access products anywhere, at any time.

The future of AR and VR in retail using 3D products is revolutionizing e-commerce for every industry.

Offering an AR shopping experience for automotive retailers allows customers to:
∙ See how the vehicle fits in their garage
∙ Explore the body and interior up close
∙ View under the hood with animated open/shut functionality